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The Chile Line:
Historic Northern New Mexican Recipes

by Liddie Martinez

Our 2020 Eric Hoffer Awards Honourable Mention
Interior Design and Content Award


They Changed the World:
People of the Manhattan Project

by aj Melnick

Our 2020 (IBPA) Silver Winner
2020 Independent Book Publisher's Association
Cover and Interior Design and Content Award


The War Years: 1943–1946
The Batle of the Bulge in Person

As told to Douglas Weiss by Stephen D. Stoddard

Our 2019 (NMBA) Gold Winner
2019 New Mexico Book Association
Cover and Interior Design Award


Silent Voices of World War II:
When the Land of Enchantment Met the Land of the Rising Sun

Authored by Nancy R. Bartlit and Everett M. Rogers.

Learn more about Nancy here.
Silent Voices Redesign/Reprint In Final Editing. To Be Released Fall 2021.


Pajarito Press is located in Los Alamos on the Pajarito plateau in the Jemez mountains of northern New Mexico, USA.  Los Alamos, better known for the WWII research on atomic weapons, is one of three locations that have become
the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, which includes Hanford, Washington, and Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

        Our goal at Pajarito Press is to publish and promote well designed,
high quality books in print as well as in compatible electronic formats.

        Our current projects are books related to the stories of military
and civilian personnel who were involved in the world-changing
events of World War II, as well as telling the local stories of New Mexico,
from the scientific to the environmental to the cultural.

      Check back for more information about Pajarito Press.

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