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The War Years: 1943–1946

   The Battle of the Bulge in Person
A Tale Told to Douglas Weiss by Stephen D. Stoddard

2019 Gold Award Winner—
New Mexico Book Association (NMBA).

Pajarito Press' first published work, printed on high-quality stock and bound in softcover.

This book is a rich recounting of the life of an infantry soldier during the war in Europe.  It is a captivating read—just like sitting in the room with Steve as he tells his stories.

Price (softcover,  8.5" by 11"): $24.95


Product 2

They Changed the World

   The People of the Manhattan Project
aj Melnick

2020 Silver Award Winner—
Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA).

Pajarito Press' second release has been printed on premium stock to enhance aj's portrait photography, and is protected by a Smythe-bound hard-cover.

Can you imagine a place so secret that even the mail came through a post office box in Santa Fe, New Mexico? ...and, that all babies born during that time had that very same post office box on their birth certificates?
          aj Melnick combines her talents as journalist, photographer, and counselor to produce an intriguing chronicle of everyday life during the years of the Manhattan Project on “The Hill,” the site of present-day Los Alamos, New Mexico.
          Accompanying the personal stories, hitherto untold, are the empathic black and white portraits of the people today, from those engineers and scientists, to the wives, the secretaries, and the housekeepers.
         These personal stories paint a broad picture of what it was like to live and work—hidden, except from those who were actually there.

Price (hardcover,  8.5" by 11"): $29.95